Saturday, July 15, 2006


That's the name of a Television Personalities' song. In many respects, they took a more suburban and reflexive turn but were in the tradition of Syd Barrett's English whimsy. They weren't aiming for interstellar overdrive and bliss, but little fragments of psychedelic insight to inform the quotidian. Has anyone remarked how the TV Personalities might have influenced Belle & Sebastian? I'm sceptical about the desire to sustain romantic myths about artists. Yes, these out-of-it lost Byrons have a spark of something that we rarely access in our everyday lives but is it worth it? What about the damage to the self and the people around these 'crazy diamonds'? Anyway, I'm not a big Pink Floyd fan, but I don't hate them Johnny Rotten style either. I do hate The Wall and that bloody education song. But I love those early Syd-penned singles like 'See Emily Play' and 'Arnold Layne'. And the first album Piper At The Gates Of Dawn is also excellent. Fantastic murky production with all kinds of little explosions. Syd is also one of that (first?) generation of male vocalists post Ray Davies that sang unashamedly in an English accent without hamming it up to the max for Yanks like Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits Here's a good obituary for Syd. See you in outer space, mate.

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