Thursday, May 15, 2008


The News (A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Microsoft Inc.)

Haven't blogged for ages because I had to get loads of stuff out of the way before leaving for UK research trip on 10 April. Then too busy to blog during the 3 plus weeks in the old country.

It was bloody cold most of the time. Yorkshire dampness in the bones dissolved a quarter of a century.

Was haunted in Leeds, Bradford, and Ilkley

(days of Yorkshire past - the Queens Road postbox pictured here is just around the corner from Silverlode House
on Queens Drive, my home 1976-1984).

Dabbled in the contemporary archive of Islamophiliacs and phobias.

Picked up some media studies technology and music texts and reading tips.

Began reading the news as novel more seriously with Gordon Burn. Learned that I have to read David Peace's Red Riding Trilogy.

Hung out with a top bloke and academic and met another and more to talk music and politics over dinners and drink. The vibe and 'the crack' really are different in the UK.

Saw former JB's saxophonist Maceo quote Hamlet at Leeds Uni.

Flew to rendition rendezvous Shannon Airport and took part in a hugely enjoyable seminar on The Smiths and Morrissey at the University of Limerick. Irish hospitality, some great pubs and good scholar after scholar and more and more.

Sleepy afternoon train to Dublin. Met family friend there, quick hike to Trinity College to see very old book and spectacularly roofed library.

Back to Leeds on yellow plane.

Ilkley visit with tears only at the place where I used to chuck broken branches up into the trees to knock down conkers. How Enid Blyton. Lovely evening with Dave and family.

Back down to London for the last week, most of which was spent in hospital with my mother, in for spinal surgery in Stanmore. Alan Bennett meets Dennis Potter in dub conference volume 1.

Highlights included seeing new nephew Bilal and the rest of the fanau.

Kulcha highlight:

A wet Sunday afternoon in Victoria Park, ending in sunshine and SpaceApe giving it the full dreadsome vocals of 'Ghost Town' as grizzly gurgling Jerry Dammers conducted orchestrations with cue cards that read 'First Movement', 'Groove' and 'Second Movement'. Thanks to Stephen and Jon.


Picked up discounted CDs, some newbies and oldies comps. including Kilt By Death, then more functionally: two pairs of long overdue shoes and a coat.

More music:

Plenty of Studio One and Moodisc sevens purloined politely from brother.

More on all this in further segments I'm sure.