Sunday, April 16, 2006


No, I'm not quoting M.I.A. or Jimi.

Feeling a little foggy. On Friday I began a 5-day course of antibiotics (3 huge Augmentin pills per day). I'm depriving some cattle somewhere. That's why the doctor makes you go aaaaaggghhhhh with an open mouth. His ice cream stick is for checking if your throat's wide enough for the tablet.

Plus dropping some of the dreaded anti-inflammatory Voltaren which comes deceptively in little pink diamond shapes that turn your bowels to custard.

And then regular Panadol to keep the temperature down.

One is enough. Every 4 hours.

The effects of the Voltaren initiated my only exercise in the last few days.

Also woke up with 101 degrees plus this morning and the shivers for about an hour. Shuchi added a razzaai on top of the duvet and heating pad. Thanks to her and Nan for ministering to me for the last days.

All these drugs are engaged in a molecular insurgency to annihilate a bacterial invasion that resulted from chronic sinusitis. On Thursday I thought I just had an allergy headache.

The V is there to alleviate the aches and pains due to muscle infection.

I do not engage in pharmaceutical blitzes very often. Usually forced to it when about to travel.
I should be free of the wretched weakness before we fly to India on Wednesday.

Aeroplanes & Sinuses. I feel a suitably bunged-up compilation coming on.

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